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Change of tune, speaking too soon?
A few posts ago I wrote about the loss of dream items from shopping sites. Well.
I don't know how it happened (yes I do.. it's called checking auction sites several times a day!) but in the time since then I have actually managed to acquire those dream items! Not all physically yet but... still!

I don't know if it's the one sided hate of my house mate or the influx of new K-POP boy bands that's making me happier but I've been feeling like the old excitable me is coming back recently.

So much so that I want to go back to having my own domain and I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT!

So goodbye puddings, jugem rocks.
Hello rxxxxxxxxxx.net
(yeah, it begins with R, I'll edit this post when I actually buy it XD)

Unrealistically I hope to have the new site up by the end of this weekend.
ASAP if not that...
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"This is an exclusion area; A CORDON SANITAIRE!"
 (Thanks to the wonderful Peep Show and Mark Corrigan for that fantastic line.)

I've complained about where I live on here before. BUT THIS TIME IT'S...!!!!!!!!
My own mother came in and took it upon herself to clean the house for us. I didn't agree as the mess wasn't mine and most certainly wasn't hers so why do that? But she did, and the house was clean and us girls were happy... it looked like we could actually start using the kitchen...

So I spoke to the guy and told him everything; keep the kitchen clean, don't leave rubbish bags in the house, etc
He seemed to understand

for 5 mins.

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